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COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I have been notified by my credit card company that a credit [$370.00] was issued to my account. Thank-you for your assistance with this matter.

Robert A. Schmidt

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Dear Netcheck, thank you, [Company Name] is honoring thier rebate and the problem is being resolved. I deeply thank you for your help.

D. W. Henrion

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Dear Netcheck, I received a response from [Company Name] today.  They apologized and agreed to send me a refund check.  I appreciate your help in this matter. There is no doubt that your organization helped to bring this conflict to a satisfying conclusion. 

Joseph Tremonti

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: The site that I was having trouble with, finally sent me the access that I had paid for several weeks ago.  I don't know if this was because of the email you sent them or not, but thanks for your help in getting this matter ironed out. At this point, it appears resolved.

Thanks again!

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Dear Netcheck, Thank you very much for your swift response and your professionalism. The matter is now resolved.

Best Regards,
Guy Soucy

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Dear Sirs: I just wanted to inform you that [Persons Name] refunded my money in full for $2,600.00 I have no further complaint with this person. Thank you for your involvement.

Marilyn Cochran

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Regarding our complaint with [Company Name]. Our oven was repaired as of today July 15, 1999 to our satisfaction. I would like to Thank you for your response and help in taking care our situation with [Company Name].

Sharon Panetta

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Hello Netcheck, I wasn't sure where to write to tell you my problem has, thanks to you and the Better Business Bureau, been resolved. I received a $10 check last week and immediately deposited it. It hasn't bounced so I guess everything is settled.

Thanks again,
Maryann Butterfield

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I want to let you know that my problem with [Company Name] finally was resolved. The product has been delivered one month exactly after the date of purchase, but it has finally been delivered so I have no more reason to complain. I appreciate your help and the service you provide even if I wish, I never have to use it again.

Thank you,
Regis Bectarte

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I finally received email today from [Company Name] telling me that my alarm was delayed but is now in stock and should be shipped out to me soon. I would like to withdraw my complaint and give them the chance to fulfill my order. Thanks for your immediate response.

Kenneth Louie

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Yesterday I received a $40.00 check from [Company Name].

Thank you, Netcheck!
Carole Dunn

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: We have recevied the funds due [in the amount of $105.00].

Jerome Nelson

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I was out of the office yesterday morning, but [the President of our Company] has decided to refund the full $500 to Mr. Nunn and had done so. We are supportive of the efforts of your organization to promote ethics in Internet trade. Keep up the good work!


COMPLAINT RESOLVED: To Netcheck Complaint Department, My dispute with [Company Name] has finally been settled [$50.82]. Many thanks for helping to get this matter resolved.


COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I spoke to American Express and they informed me that they have given Mr. LaFayette the credit of $89.90 back onto his credit card.

Thank You,
Collection Department

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Today at 12:00PM my credit card account was credited [$1,299.98] with the reimbursement from [Company Name] fiasco of Internet ordering. I greatly appreciate your prompt reply and intervention. Without your help, I feel I would have had several more weeks of misinformation and delay.

Thank you again,
Terry Hoage

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I would like to drop the following complaint. Everything has been resolved [$79.00]. Thank you for your help.

T. Wright

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I received a response from [Company Name] with an address at the same time that I received this email from you. It is nice to know that I had somewhere to turn, had I not gotten a response from them.

Thank You!
Donald Coe

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Just a follow up with this situation. I finally e-mailed them a letter with the attachments of my communications with you. They said they had never heard from me before this last letter. Of course I have signed postage received cards from the post office that they signed when I returned the merchandise. They did return my money. Thank you for your help. I know I wouldn't have been successful without it.

Lorraine Woodworth

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Thank you for responding, [Company Name] finally took the time to correct the situation. Thank you for your help.

Mario A.

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Hello, I have received the merchandise. Thank you so much for your help! I am very satisfied with the way this has turned out.

BobbiLynn Provan

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I would like to give my full support to the people at Netcheck. I was disappointed that the software I purchased didn't work. I was outraged that the company said that they would refund my money and then never did. I really didn't know who to turn to. I came a cross a link to your page and within TWO WEEKS everything was resolved. I recieved my money back with an apology. Thank You very much Netcheck Commerce Bureau.

Gerry Adams

Thank You for forwarding the compliment from one of my customers. It is nice to know that you have such a service and I am happy to see a satisfied customer.

Thank You
French Creek Fishery


Dear Netcheck:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting me with my recent Copyright Dispute. As you are aware, one of my competitors appropriated my logo from my page for use on their home page. This, I feel, was a deliberate attempt to confuse consumers. Within twenty four hours of contacting Netcheck, the efforts of your firm had resulted in a resolution of this dispute.

During my two year membership in Netcheck, I have experienced first hand the positive effects of membership on traffic to my site and increased consumer confidence. This, however, was the first time that I had to avail myself of your services as a "consumer" and I now can personally attest to the fact that your service is unparralled. Without your service, this dispute could only have been solved through the traditional efforts of the legal system at a substantial investment in attorneys fees and my time.

Again, thank you for your excellent service!

Linda Allen
The International Home Exchange Network

COPYRIGHT DISPUTE RESOLVED: Once again you came through for our Company. That is twice in less than 6 months. Our Copyright Dispute was resolved thanks to your staff and company and the Servers who took their site down immediately after reviewing the fact that it was indeed Stolen Material. We want to thank you Netcheck for once again coming through for us and wish you well with helping others. Feel Free to use this email as a Testimonial!

Rob -- DPiersma CCI

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Thank you for your swift action regarding my complaint. [The Company] finally got around to answering my first e-mail to them, probably about the same time you were contacting them. It took them a week to answer my e-mails, so I'm not so sure about their excellent customer service. However, they did send the information I had originally requested. Another case closed! Thank you again - I'm VERY glad to know you exist!

Tina Lindsay

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I just wanted to take the time and thank you for your help. I called my Credit Card Company and they did receive the credt [ $907.00 ] from this company. The call came in on Monday. I really don't think it would have happened without your help. Thanks again.

Chris Setters

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Everything is cleared up.  Thank You for this terrific service and for helping me with my dispute.

Deborah P.

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I'm writing this to inform you that everything has been worked out, the company fed exed a check and I no longer have a complaint against them.  Thank you for your help in this matter, I don't think I would have seen any results if it had not been for your help and services in this matter, thanks again.

Tim C

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Credit has now been received by my credit card company from [Company Name] in the amount of $92.00. I consider the matter now closed. Many thanks to you good people at The Netcheck Commerce Bureau for assisting me with this.  Your help was very much appreciated. THANK YOU very, very much.  I honestly don't know what I'd have done without your help. 

Mrs. Don R. (Barbara) Yoder -- Houston, TX

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: The situation between my husband, myself, and [Company Name] has been resolved. Thank you for your assistance.

Terri Rue-Woods

I wanted to drop a note to thank and recognize [Netcheck Employee], who I spoke with yesterday about my dispute [filed with Netcheck]. She was very encouraging and empathetic, as well as helpful.  As I told her yesterday, I am setting up an informational site for people interested in working from home, and I look forward to being able to refer people to Netcheck to investigate potential opportunities.

You guys are doing a great job!

Staci D. Burchfield

CCOMPLAINT RESOLVED: Bravo! Bravo! I just recieved my money order ($700.00) from (Company Name)! I would like to thank you for your help in recieving this money order. I appreciate your company and all you are doing. It seemed like they were ignoring me until you guys stepped in. I learned a lot from this, and I thank you for your help.

David Dorozan

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I have received my password and everything works now. Thank you so much for resolving the situation for me. It surprises me how quickly [Company] responded to your e-mail but ignored mine.


COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Please be advised that I have finally received my product. I don't know how they figure July 8, 1998 is within 30 days of May 26 (date I placed order) or June 2 (date they cashed my check). Lastly, I expected something much better than I received. Thank you again for your assistance. I'm sure if you hadn't contacted them, that they would have probably just ignored me as they had been doing. More people should be made aware of your service -- it's invaluable!

Cathie Turk

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I have recd the credit of US$ 282.05. I would like to thank you very much for your help in resolving this matter and I feel Netcheck's method of operation is the fastest I have seen and is also one of the best because both the parties are kept informed of the ongoing communication. (This was really useful in my case because [Company Name] had informed you that they will credit my account in a week whereas in reality they did not. Since I recd a copy of their message from you, I could inform you that they had not done so and finally my matter was resolved with your intervention).

Best regards,
Piyush Chaterbhoj

Thank you for forwarding the compliment onto us! We're glad to hear that one of your users enjoyed their experience at, and we appreciate that you took the time to share it with us. Feel free to contact us if we can assist you in the future.

Best regards,
Lee P. ~

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: The amount of the unauthorized withdrawl and the amount of the subsequent overdraft charges were credited [$83.95], today 21 July 1998, and therefore I consider this a successful resolution. Thank you for you efforts Netcheck! You were terrific!


COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I wanted to notify you that the complaint I filed on June 9, 1998 against [Company Name] has been satisfactorily resolved [$2,700.00] and I wish to remove the compliant. Thank you for your help, without your service it would not have been accomplished.

Geoff Panek

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I just received this response from [Company Name] this evening. Although they should have sent it to me weeks ago (obviously they can no longer get the book I ordered), thereby apprising me of the status of my order, at least they finally did respond, with apologies. I consider this matter resolved, and have Netcheck to thank for it! Couldn't have done it without you!!! Thank you so much.

Lisa Genet

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: (Company) did deliver all the required information as well as missing components. I am now satisfied with their performance. Thank you very much for your assisstance.

Ellis Conoley

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Earlier today, I sent a report [Complaint] to you, regarding [Company Name]. When I sent them an email saying I reported them to you [Netcheck], they took care of the problem, and apologized. However, when I had called before they weren't willing to do anything to help me. However, they did take care of the matter, and I thought I should let you know.

Thank You,
Brenda Brown


Much to my delighted surprise, when I arrived home today there was a box on my doorstep containing my meter. It has arrived intact and in the condition that I requested (unrepaired, with all original parts in place). Thank you for your assistance, I will now consider the matter closed.

Jim Shorney

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Today my credit card company confirmed that (Company Name) credited an amount of $369.72 to my account on June 22, 1998. Thank you very much for your help. The Netcheck Commerce Bureau really is a very useful institution in the web!

Best regards,
Andreas Curt Koechling

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Thanks for your help. They responded to me and solved the problem at once, ONCE I FILED MY COMPLAINT OFFICIALLY [with Netcheck] and they were informed of it. Thank you very much.

Kazuhiro Takahashi

Dear Netcheck,

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Affirmative: A credit to my credit card [$563.80 total] has been made. My claim with [Company Name] has been settled.
I am grateful to Netcheck for a great service.

Dr. Rani Azar

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: On 9/29/98, J. Tittiger was issued a refund of $9.95, the full amount he was originally charged. He was notified via e-mail, but the message was returned to us due to a quota limit that he set for his mailbox.

Company Representative


Thank you for your help resolving the [Company Name] disaster. What I had been working on for 10 months, you helped me to resolve in 2 weeks..unbelievable. I am very happy to have this over and resolved to my complete satisfaction. Many thanks, you provide a VERY effective service.

Be well,
Kellie Rudisill ~ WorkSmarte, Inc.

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Dear Sir/Madam: Thank you for taking the time to help me with this dispute. Thank you again for your assistance in this matter. This is my first "shopping through the Net" experience, it is too bad it was not a positive one. It makes me feel better to know that at least your organization is out there protecting unaware consumers like myself. This is to inform you that I received notice from my credit card today that the $419 has been credited to my account. I thank you for your invaluable assistance in resolving this dispute.

Marisel Schank

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Dear Netcheck, a credit was issued to [Complaintant Name] on Friday, September 9th for $46.95

Customer Service Department

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: is now a member of the Netcheck Commerce Bureau. These folks helped me collect a debt from a deadbeat company [Company Name] for $ 249.00. I tried a product (product name) that was supposed to increase my mileage substantially, needless to say, it did not work. They received the product back on July 28th, and even after 5 calls and 5 promises to pay, I had not received a refund. Netcheck was able to produce a check 10 days after I filed my complaint. I highly recommend Netcheck to anybody that has been ripped off on the Net!

Thanks again, from your new member.
In His name,

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: This matter has been satisfactorily resolved. I have been paid in full [$8,198.15] for my services.

Ben E. Brady

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Thanks for the help. Today I got a $30.00 rebate check from [Company Name]. I appreciate your effort. Thanks again

Shirley Olson

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Thank you for your quick response in this matter. I would, though, like to withdraw the complaint against [Company Name]. I spoke directly with their representative and we resolved the matter in a manner that was suitable to both them and myself [Amount in Dispute: $ 49.95]. Please accept my appreciation for your trouble.

Garry L. Dickerson

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Yes, the complaint is resolved. Is there a place I can make a donation for this service?

Thanks very very much!

(NOTE: Netcheck is made possible by our participating Members and our Consumer Services are provided FREE to the Internet Community. Thank you Netcheck Members!)

Thank you Netcheck for the E-mail about our Compliment. We will check your sight periodically. The compliment was very nice. Netcheck a good idea, sort of a BBB of the Internet.

Internet Bridal Sales by Nora Whiteman

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I want to let you know that I did receive a refund check for $100 yesterday. Again, I want to thank you for your successful intervention in this matter.

Craig Lancto

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: The company I filed a complaint against has made contact with me as a result of your advocacy. I consider the complaint rectified. Thanking you again for time and consideration, I am ...

Very Truly Yours,
Milton G. Mersinger


The merchandise ordered arrived at my Post Office Box on or before Saturday, September 13, 1997. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE IN "WATCHDOGGING" INTERNET COMMERCE.

Sandy Kempel

To Whom it may Concern,

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Regarding my complaint, they have reimbursed me to my satisfaction. I believe this would still be on going without your help. I certainly would contact you in the future if needed. All my appreciation.

Peter T. Lynch

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I appreciate your help. I do believe that my problem has been resolved. [Company Name] has placed about 3 people on my situation and it appears that is should be cleared up in the next few days. This company has informed me of the situation that caused such a delay in responses due to a location change plus implementation of new software, etc. I trust that this situation will not happen again and they have assured me of this plus they credited my account one free month. I appreciate your service with Netcheck. This is a vital part of the future of the INTERNET and I am glad that your company has created such a service . Thanks for your support and I hope I won't need to contact you again.

Gregg Geil

Aloha from Maui -- COMPLAINT RESOLVED: Just to update you on the complaint I posted with you...the Company has sent me an e-mail apologizing for the mailings, noting that they had software problems that incapacitated their Removal ability...

Thanks for all your help!
Brigitte Labouvie


This is to inform you that the dispute I filed with Netcheck has been resolved. I received the software in question today! I am convinced this would never have taken place without your help. I would like to thank you once again for your efforts and appreciate all you've done.

Ken McAlary

COMPLAINT RESOLVED: I went to your web site and filed a complaint about the [Company Name] and, now, I don't feel so all alone in seeking satisfaction from a Corporation. Thank you for being there and caring about consumers like myself.

With much appreciation,
John Whiting

CONFLICT RESOLVED - Subject: Thank you.

To Whom it May Concern, The complaint issued yesterday with your service, has been resolved finally.
Thank you very much for your effort.

Clayton Jeffs


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