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Netcheck Membership Benefits


Netcheck was the very FIRST alternative Consumer Bureau on-line and has proudly served the Internet community since 1995. In March 2009, we celebrated our 14th YEAR on the Internet.

Netcheck was established to increase consumer and corporate confidence in purchasing products and services on the Internet.

Become a part of the Netcheck family today!

Show your customers, you support a safe & ethical Internet.


"We have a wonderful new  client from this listing. Thanks for providing this service."

"What amazingly good service. Thank you very much indeed. Impeccable & excellent service, yet again. Many thanks"

 Netcheck Membership Seal

"I had no idea that this site/concept existed. I immediately applied for Membership (just finished). A business is a consumer also. What a wonderful concept. Thanks so much.

"I signed up for a Netcheck Membership today because I feel that it is of the utmost importance for companies doing business on line to establish real credibility. I see Netcheck as an excellent means towards that goal."

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  • To conduct your business in a proper, legal and ethical manner at all times.
  • To respond to any and all complaints filed with Netcheck, with attempts toward a resolution within 7 days upon receipt. We understand that you can not please all of the people all of the time. We will work with both the Consumer and the Company to assist in a fair and timely resolution satisfactory to both parties.
  • That you will clearly note on your site your privacy policy about information that may be obtained about your visitors that may be sold or provided to other parties or vendors.
  • Netcheck has the right to alter, remove or replace Netcheck membership benefits in efforts to serve the majority of our members.
  • All recurring membership payments renew automatically for your convenience. Subscription cancellation must be processed via PayPal 15 days prior to your anniversary renewal date. Membership dues are not refundable.
  • Failure to abide by these Membership Conditions may result in having your Netcheck Membership revoked.

The benefits to Netcheck are many.  The most important is your company's participation in supporting a safe and ethical Internet. Whether your customer base is to the consumer or business to business, reflecting this goal on your web site is very important.

Utilizing the services of Netcheck helps you obtain this goal by allowing an independent third party such as Netcheck to monitor your company.  This increases the trust factor in your customer and encourages them to purchase your products and or services on-line.

Most companies and consumers are feeling the current economic stress. Now more than ever, if you maintain a commercial presence on the Internet, every visitor you generate is a potential customer. Turn your browsers into new customers today by joining Netcheck.

Membership Enrollment Fees

$395.00 ($US) Lifetime Membership
Lifetime means the company's lifetime.


$195.00 ($US) Annual Membership
Annually / $195.00 Annual Renewal


$239.40 ($US) Annual Membership
Payable through PayPal in 12 consecutive monthly payments of
$19.95 per month

Each year thereafter, Annual renewals for this membership program
are paid in 12 consecutive monthly payments of $19.95.
Annual commitment is required for each Annual renewal.

Our $19.95 per month / Annual commitment option is not available to service based companies in certain high risk categories. For further information, please READ OUR PAYMENT FAQ before processing your Membership Dues to see if your company falls into one of these categories.


Please understand that Memberships with Netcheck are provided
only on an ANNUAL or LIFETIME Basis.

    Netcheck proudly accepts PayPal Payment Solutions          

Be apart of the e-Solution!
Support a Safe and Ethical Internet by Joining Netcheck TODAY!

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If you have any questions regarding membership benefits, please let us know.
We are here to be of service to you.


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