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491 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Quality of the knobs were better than expected.

Order: 500 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: I received quick response to an e-mail inquiry before I placed my order. Once the order was placed on line, I received a call within minutes verifying the order and was told that the knobs were temporarily out of stock but would be shipped in 3 days. Sure enough, they were shipped as promised and arrived today. They gave me a UPS tracking number the day the knobs were shipped, so I could track the order. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the knobs--they're beautiful! They were a "close-out" special, top quality at a great price!

Order: 502 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: I had sent MYKNOBS an email because I didn't know when they would arrive. MYKNOBS replied and even called UPS to check on them for me. They arrived and I was VERY pleased with the weight and look of the knobs. I have already recommended them to a friend of mine that will be redoing her kitchen. I will definitely use them again.

Order: 505 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Expeditious and easy to work with, I highly recommend!

Order: 506 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Very quick response to my e-mail questions, I was impressed. The knob has been shipped so I am expecting it soon.

Order: 509 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Their photos were of great quality and made it possible to order with confidence. In addition, the information provided at the site about each product was complete and accurate.

Order: 512 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Great site, Excellent customer service. Will order again and recommend it to friends.

Order: 527 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Pricing was great and response was better!

Order: 529 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: The knobs were received faster than I thought and the quality was the same as pulls we were looking at for twice the price.

Order: 548 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Same item for sale at Home Depot at $20 higher price.

Order: 567 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: It was easy to search for and find the right product. A helpful salesperson from the store confirmed that my order was exactly what I wanted.

Order: 597 - Rating: Good

Comments: I ordered pulls and knobs. The first shipment had the correct pulls but the wrong style knob had been shipped. I immediately contacted them via email and within hours had an apology and information that the right knobs were being immediately shipped to me and that the incorrect ones would be picked up by u.p.s.. Within a few days the correct items were received and the incorrect ones picked up. I would rate this as a minor inconvenience due to shipping department error. I was very satisfied with the product and the reaction and correction to the error were dealt with efficiently and with courtesy. I would use the company again and would recommend them to others.

Order: 664 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: So far so good! I was able to obtain samples of pulls I was interested in and prompt customer service.

Order: 748 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: When I had questions concerning my order I called the store and they were very helpful. Also they called me back to let me know that my order was placed and to know how long it would be before they shipped

Order: 759 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Excellent service, were great about return when I had miss-sized an object I ordered

Order: 777 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Site easy to use; order filled and shipped promptly. Thanks.

Order: 855 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Prompt, efficient, useful web site, regular contact for me by phone. Went out of their way to find an odd-out-of-stock size for me.

Order: 890 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Great to do business. Very helpful. Followed up with both email an phone calls to confirm details of items ordered.

Order: 896 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Their prices and customer service are both Excellent!

Order: 946 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: I recieved my cabinet hardware very quickly, it was packaged well, and I had Excellent customer service when I reported one of the 40 pieces I ordered was defective. The quality of the hardware is Excellent. I would buy again from "My Knobs" without hesitation. Thanks...I love my new cabinet pulls!

Order: 982 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Great prices and service. I'm really happy with their selection and quality. I received my order in less than a week!

Order: 997 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: The delivery time was great. Much earlier than I expected. Also the price represented a 50% saving when compared to a local retail store. And to top it off, there were more styles to select from.

Order: 1040 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: I think the selection and price is great. I would order from MyKnobs again

Order: 1070 - Rating: Good

Comments: It took a little longer than I expected to receive the merchandise, but the quality is Excellent and I'd rate them "VERY GOOD"

Order: 1085 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: After shopping for kitchen cabinets knobs in the Chicagoland area I decided to check into "shopping on the internet"! Being a novice internet browser I was stunned to find the very knobs I wanted at 1/10th the price! I received the shipment within 3 days, and I'm thrilled! I even got to take advantage of the free shipping due to spending $150 or more! Thanks, MyKnobs!

Order: 1111 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: The selection was the best I've found. The pictures were clear and the information with each selection was all I needed to know. This is my second order. After I received the first I was so happy with the order I found more knobs that needed replacement.

Order: 1136 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Photo quality of the knobs were Excellent - they looked exactly like what I received.

Order: 1146 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Was very happy to find a supplier on the WWW where we could buy only as many knobs as we required. Service was fast, and everything I could hope for. Thank you!!!

Order: 1211 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: The selection was Excellent, the shopping experience was simple and the prices were 1/2 that of another site selling the exact same product. The knobs were delivered promptly. Overall a very satisfactory experience.

Order: 1217 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: My order came within 3 days straight to my door. I found cabinet hardware for an entire house at incredible savings. I was very pleased with this company.

Order: 1245 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: They were great! It was shipped out and delivered much faster then I was a pleasure dealing with them.

Order: 1262 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Absolutely wonderful. I made a mistake when I ordered and they fixed it for me free of charge, and the mistake was 100% mine, not theirs. Excellent customer service and high quality product. Highly recommend.

Order: 1271 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: the entire transaction was easy and smooth and the knobs are beautiful and cost almost 50% less than anywhere else I found and even significantly less than my kitchen cabinet contrator could find.

Order: 1297 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: I am very happy with the service at my I even called twice and was very pleased with the way I was treated! I also think that being able to track your shipment is wonderful. All in all I think this is a GREAT store! Thanks

Order: 1469 - Rating: Good

Comments: My entire order arrived within just 6 days,and the prices were better than my local stores, or other on-line stores.

Order: 2174 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: It was great. I had been to several large hardware stores and none of them had enough knobs and handles to do my kitchen. It was nice to order from my own home and receive the quanity I needed without running all over the county.

Order: 2190 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: It was easy to get there and plenty of pictures with sizes, part numbers and prices to allow one to make an intelligent selection.

Order: 2256 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Arrived two day after I placed the order and in Key West that is the same as next day. Thank you and I will recommend you to others. ~ Margo Ellis

Order: 2266 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Web site easy to use, customer service was very responsive with my questios prior to placing the order, they kept me informed about the status of my order, the knobs arrived before they were supposed to and they are beautiful and were very reasonably priced. Fantastic!

Order: 2274 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: We originally went to Home Depot but they did not have a great selection and the prices were not great. We decided to shop online and had a great selection and the prices were reasonable. We were able to see what we were buying because of the detailed pictures and description provided on the site. We got Excellent and fast service. We are already spreading the word about

Order: 2277 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Products were what I expected and they were delivered faster than expected. Great job!!!

Order: 2279 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: I was able to order samples, make a decision and place my total order in ample time to install on my cabinets while the contractor is still working on my job.

Order: 2284 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: I looked at 4 hardware stores in my area. Finally I gave up on trying to find the cabinet knobs I wanted. I didn't relize, at the time that they were only a few keystrokes away. If I would have gone to in the first place I would have been finished my search in 5 minutes. The price for those rare knobs was about the same I would have paid in the hardware store if I could have found them. The shipping was additional, however, My time, and the wear, and tear on my vechicle were eaisly 10 times the shipping.

Order: 2284 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: I looked at 4 hardware stores in my area. Finally I gave up on trying to find the cabinet knobs I wanted. I didn't relize, at the time that they were only a few keystrokes away. If I would have gone to in the first place I would have been finished my search in 5 minutes. The price for those rare knobs was about the same I would have paid in the hardware store if I could have found them. The shipping was additional, however, My time, and the wear, and tear on my vechicle were eaisly 10 times the shipping.

Order: 2293 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: They have a good selection of door and cabinet hardware. Also, they kept me informed about my order via email, and they shipped out my order promptly.

Order: 2298 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: My best experience EVER shopping online. I just wish that everyone else who sells online trys to do as good. I can't say enough good things about MyKnobs. THANKS

Order: 2352 - Rating: Excellent

Comments:" gets 10 out of 10. Good website with dimensions for each product, easy ordering process and phenominal delivery. Three days later the knobs arrived, intelligently packaged and addressed and everything inside in perfect shape.

Order: 2453 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Very prompt and professional. Exceptional customer service. The email updates kept me apprised of the status of each order/item and delivery of the orders/items happened as promised. On one occasion, I needed some replacement parts and the request I made to find out how to go about ordering such things was promptly filled - no charge. I highly recommend! Thank you to the staff at for making every purchase an easy and enoyable experience.

Order: 2696 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: When I placed my original order, I made a mistake and ordered the wrong item. I e-mailed my request for an exchange, if it wasn't too late. MyKnobs CALLED me about my request; we agreed on a proceedure to correct my mistake. Within a few days I received my order - with the correct items. The quality of the items was beyond my expectation and the knobs have made a beautiful addition to my handmade furniture. I can't tell you how much the phone call, to make sure they were sending what I wanted, meant to me. That was a great personal touch that you don't find too often in this fast-pace, hi-tech business world.

Order: 2870 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Even though I had computer problems , MYknobs people were able to take care of the order anyway. Web site is interior-designer friendly -I'm telling colleagues amd friends alike. Will place another order soon!

Order: 3129 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: This was the first time that I ever ordered off of the computer, and I would have no trouble doing it again. The merchandise arrived just as you said it would, when you said it would. You also had iteams I could find no where else. Thank you!

Order: 3206 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: The site is very user friendly.They have a very large selection of products, so you're bound to find what your looking for.I needed something in a seashell motif for my bathroom and was pleasantly surprised by their variety.This would definitely be my first and only stop the next time I need to purchase cabinet knobs.

Order: 3373 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: Great service, product exactly as advertised. This took a lot less time than going shopping at my local retail outlet for these knobs and the price was less! What more can you say.

Order: 3452 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: I highly recommend, they were fast, inexpensive and easy to use. Purchasing from them saved me almost 1/3 what I would have paid at Lowes.And they had the knobs I needed, Lowes would have had to special order and it would have taken 3 weeks.

Order: 3459 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: I was very pleased with the quality of the items received - photo reproduction viewed on line was very true to the merchandise received. Good weight & design, beautifully made, great value. I recommend this site!!

Order: 3492 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: It was great to have a telephone number and speak to a living person rather than waiting for an e-mail response. Each time I called, I received top rate service. I will definitely use them again. Suzanne Johnston

Order: 3605 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: I was pleased with the wide selection they have. The order form was very easy to work with and the email contact after the order was placed was great. It is nice to be informed of the status of the order. It was received promptly and everything was as expected. Thank you for making this a great experience!!

Order: 3775 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: The website was great.Very easy to order from and everything pictured was true to form.Any questions I had were answered promptly and my order arrived within 3 days. An Excellent shopping experience.

Order: 4257 - Rating: Excellent

Comments: merchandise was well presented, ordering was easy, delivery was fasssst will buy from them again.



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