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One of the harder things to do on the Internet is to email another company to promote your products/services. The WWW is a commercial entity and networking with other businesses can be an intregal part to your success. We have developed this program for Netcheck Members ONLY. This new program will enable our Members to network with other members in a professional networking manner.

How it Works:

1). Your Netcheck Company Profile page will be coded with the product and/or service categories you fall under and will be accessable from The Exchange.

2). Netcheck Members will be then be able to look up a Netcheck Member who offers a product/service that they are interested in purchasing at a discount.

3). Easy and Simple! Buy from another Netcheck Member and save $$money$$ from an exclusive discount offered to you as a participating member of Netcheck. Or if you have a product/service you could offer them in return for their product/service, you can make a barter arrangement which is a win, win, situation for all.

[NOTE: You must be a participating member of Netcheck to participate in this new program.]

All of the Netcheck Members in this section are willing to accept email correspondance from any other member in this section. Sort of a safe zone for whatever business transactions you decide to conduct with each other. However, as professionals, please utilize this new service only when you are interested in purchasing or trading for a product/service from another Member.

We thank you for your support of Netcheck, and look forward to providing this service for our Members. As we grow as a Netcheck family, we are constantly looking for new ideas that will be a benefit to both you our Members or to the consumers of the Internet community. If you have any great ideas you would like to see implemented here as a Member service, please share it with us. We want to hear from you, as we are here to be of service!

To particpate just fill out the form below. You will receive an email confirmation that your company has been included in this new and exciting Netcheck membership benefit.

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