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Potty Chart Testimonials:

"We received the potty training chart yesterday and I am so pleased!! I really love the design. It's nice and compact and very attractive. I wish you could have seen my daughter's face when I presented it to her. She went right to the potty and tried so hard because she wanted a sticker! She spent most of the evening in there..... I think the chart is going to be a great motivator for her. I decided to use Pooh panties as her reward, though..... "

Karen McLaughlin
President, Internet Special Education Resources
"Helping parents find local special education resources"

"I learned some new things that helped me train Josh in your guide alone! I'm so glad that someone came out with something to get him to actually want to use his potty. Thank you so much!"

Tina Johnson ~ Needham, MA

After receiving her samples for her portfolio,
Tamia Wardle, Lee-Bee's graphic designer sent this e-mail:

Lee, The potty chart really works! I can't believe it! My son can't wait to use his potty so he can get a cute little bee sticker on his chart. It's amazing! I recommended 6 of my friends to your site. After they saw how well my son did with his potty training, they all wanted one!

Tamia Wardle ~ Redlands, CA

Hi, Just thought I'd send this note to thank you for helping me motivate my child who was 4 years old and refused to go to the bathroom on a potty or toilet! After receiving your chart, together Adam and I picked out a reward sticker and put it at the end of his chart (which gave him an incentive to at least just try the potty-chair.) He knew that if he didn't use his potty he was not going to get a "buzzy bee" sticker or his new Thomas the tank train! To make a long story short, Adam is now finally potty trained thanks to your fun potty chart. THANK GOD ITS OVER! I would recommend it to any one who is having a problem with a stubborn child! Thanks once again,

Nina Stone ~ Palmetto, FL

Chore Chart Testimonial:

I ordered a chore chart just to see if it would motivate my kids to help around the house. Well, low and behold, once my daughter saw the trip to the mall for one of the reward stickers, she has been helping with everything from clearing the dinner dishes to actually making her bed! My son also remembers to take the trash out, and knows if he doesn't, then I will give him a harder chore for his make up day! So he makes sure he does it. Best of all, I don't have to ask because I just glance at the refrigerator to see if the chore has a completed bee sticker on it. I love it! Hey whatever works, right? For $10 it's worth it to me.

Sandy Hall ~ Plymouth, NH

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