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Dear Larry,

I just wanted to say thank you for the sheet music and the awesome tape!!! I listened to it and it was really outstanding!!!! I think that "God's Word Presents" will be a big hit with my band coordinator. It was really cool!!!! I also think that my friend will be able to add the drum fill without any problems. I'm really excited about Choraegus ShareMusic and I will definitely be having a blast when I get home to play these songs. For a while there, I was looking for something interesting to play with on the piano. It seemed like everything was just the same. Now I think I have found my new interest regarding music. Thank you for your help in accomplishing that!!!!!! I will be keeping in touch!!

Dear Larry,

I got home just a little while ago and sat down and tried out the songs. They were just as I thought they would be..............wonderful, magnificent, and beautiful!!!! (those are just a few adj.) I really liked them!!! I'm going down to my piano teacher's house tomorrow for a lesson. I told her all about you and your music and she was excited to hear the songs which I will be bringing down tomorrow. I might play "Eagle Wings" for my graduation....if that's o.k. with you of course. (Of course it is! - L.S.) I think I'm really hooked on that one. I'm going to work on them a lot more tomorrow. This is so cool!!

To answer your question on the "What are people saying" issue, I think it's a really good idea!!! I would be honored if you would put my note in the page. I think other people should know what your doing for people like me!!!

Crysta -- Southern California

I took a peek at your web page and it looks pretty cool. Shareware music seems like a neat idea.

Gary -- Washington State

July 12, 1996: Larry, one of the best things about your music is the way it comes to mind in times of need. Wednesday evening Jesse's car blew its radiator or something and we needed to go rent a car, since I had to have one at 6:30 the next morning. We brought lots of water and drove to the place we usually rent from, and when we got there they flipped their "open" sign to "closed" right in our faces (they thought it was very funny.)

We were worried how much farther we could drive, but we went over to El Camino to try another place. When we found one, Jesse was already late for work, and there was a long line which the clerk was handling incredibly s l o w l y. Jesse was fuming and getting angry and irritable, claiming to be certain that she was going to be fired because of this. I was inclined to be angry myself, except that the only thing I could keep in my mind was "You are the One Who controls my destiny . . . "* and I just kept feeling like I knew that even though things seemed incredibly screwed up -- all three of our cars are useless to us right now -- it really was all under control. Thanks for that.

We drove her car to the service station without incident, and then I drove her to work. I told her about the song [lest she think I wasn't duly sympathetic/concerned/upset], and then we sang Psalm 9:2 (in parts) in the car, and she seemed to calm down some, too. Thanks for that, too.

From Geri in Northern California

March 11, 1997: Thought you would like to know that your anthem "Seek Me When I Wander" got a great positive response Sunday. The choir was decimated by flu but really those who survived, did a wonderful job. There was a great deal of positive comments, and several people remarked on the effect of the words on them too. Everyone was pleased that we were singing "local music" and we'll certainly do more.

It was nice to have you join us at choir practice too and go over your music with us after we finished. I am just sorry that we had a really busy practice that night. Perhaps another time you would call and arrange a visit ahead of time so we can really do your music justice?

From Gillian in Northern California


I really appreciated your site on choral diction! Thank you so much for a very well done effort. I would like to share this with my choir if you do not mind.


Hi Bill,

Thanks for dropping by - I'm glad you found the notes on diction to be useful! Feel free to print them and distribute them to your choir - they're a public service.

If you have time, would you, perhaps, take a look at some of the other writeups and some of the music on my site and tell me what you think?

Thanks - best wishes to you and your choir!
Larry :)...


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